Asian logs uploaded for EU on WoL!?

Some asians has started to (intentionally or not) get their logs uploaded as if they were playing on EU. Which currently fucks up some rankings. Most likely WoL who has to fix it, but might be something you would like to look into.

example: Iron Juggernaut 25H - Arcane mage
Total dmg done on the Asian log is ~150 mill more than the other logs.

Nobody’s fixing anything on WoL anymore.

Jase just has to drop that website, WarcraftLogs is starting to check characters against armory, making this impossible, for example, everyone’s gonna do WCL soon anyway and removing WoL from ProRaiders check can’t happen soon enough tbfh, just another incentive to get people over to the site that -will- be the only option in WoD.

Not to mention that people using exploits for their rankings (some BM Hunters) are still getting listed on here because of WoL, even after WarcraftLogs fixed it and now checks all hunter ranks for the exploit before validating them.

Total bs, sick of WoL.

Honestly between the new ilvls and the transition that nearly every single guild has done I’d say there is a large enough percentage of people on Warcraft logs to validate completely dropping world of logs without trying to keep the legitimate ones from world of logs.

Already done today AFAIK.

Really? I did notice a lot of +1s the other day I just assumed it was cause a warlock got banned or something.

Nawp I’m 95% sure they just removed WoL cuz of this thread (which is good, thanks!), a hunter exploiter who had #1 for months dropped like 1 thousand points because WarcraftLogs invalidated his logs there and WoL was removed.

Scratch all of that, he just got a bunch of ranks that are not on WarcraftLogs.