Bug with Player Info

Attempting to search for a player links to: http://www.proraiders.com/community/index.php?region=us&server=stormrage&player=music , which is the forum.

Edit: Lots of other things link to the forum as well.

Thanks, fixed.

Hey, I have a bug/issue to report, it seems that my character isn’t being loaded into the 25M Hps/Dps site. http://www.proraiders.com/player/index.php?region=us&server=Aerie%20Peak&player=Baelrah is the link, it says that my HPS is 297227, but when i compare that to the actual list of 25M HPS, it doesn’t put me where it should.

It’s because on your player info it shows what your hps is for all the ranked kills you have. In the rankings if you are missing a kill you get deducted on overall hps. This is so people with say 6 recorded kills don’t out rank someone with all of them.

Could you explain better? From what you’re saying it seems like your system is recording that i’ve gotten 14/14H kills, which i have, if you’re saying that it only records my overall HPS from fights i’ve “ranked” on, then this system is even worse than I thought as it just shows people who can cheese a fight to force their hps/dps higher.

I think my DPS score is bugged, if you check my player information it says I have 498361 DPS however the dps leaderboard says that I have 454702. I got better ranks yesterday and lost 7 ranks. My PR got updated and I am number 1 but dps ranks looks bugged.
Link: http://www.proraiders.com/player/index.php?region=eu&server=Ragnaros&player=Mojah

I would like to know how the PR rank is obtained. When I look at todays profile of my character:

Note the blank line for Malkorok. It’s as if I never ranked or my rank dropped below top 150 and is no longer visible on WorldofLogs.

However, when I look at WorldofLogs I’m ranked 52nd:

How come the Malkorok rank isn’t displayed on the ProRaiders ranking list?