Chinese Players Cheating on Pro Raiders

Heya, I’ve tried to contact you guys via Twitch, Real ID and Twitter, no success.
So I/We’ve had an issue on the Arcane Mage side of logs and ranks.
I’d like to ask why a chinese mage has been ranked above me on Norushen, Thok, Fallen and several other bosses:
I thought PR only included EU and US characters?

Here is the armory and the logs of the chinese mage in 595ilvl:

Armory -幽影魂飛/simple

Log -幽影魂飛

Now I’m guessing this is something you can’t do anything about and it’s a problem with WoL (All his logs are on WoL), but I thought you may be able to do something like blacklist his name or something?
Please sort it or give me some information about this error, thanks!

WoL fault, just filter by WCL.

Or keep pushing till Jase COMPLETELY removes WoL - no filter bullshit, just get rid of it once and for all/have the PR banners only count WCL logs or -something-.

Making seperate WOL/WCL filters was a pitiful bandaid. The problem isn’t fixed when you have to deliberately FILTER OUT WoL through an on-website setting to see legit results.

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Just would like to say that I too, support to finish with WoL, roll on WCL :slight_smile:

But seriously you cant compare with someone almost 10 ilvls higher who is fed tricks. I don’t know how proraiders is coded or anything and I don’t know how hard it would be to implement this but maybe a check for if the person’s armory is valid?

Curious to know if anything will be done about this.
I.E. WCL only or just blacklist the guys name?