Choose your log source. Planned Updates.

You now can choose whether to view all logs sources in Ranks, or specifically that of WCL or WoL. I will soon be adding in the ability to choose the log source on Player Info pages as well.

Planned updates next to come:

[li]More Banner images to choose from
[/li][li]Stream banners for
[/li][li]Boss filter will be redone so you can filter any bosses you select
[/li][li]Will be seeking out a few ppl to help with a bigger project (secret for now)


BM hunters are completely missing atm unfortunately.

should see em


Would also be nice if one could check their ranks but only for WCL/WoL on their profile page? A lot of fancy rank 1’s are still missing on that display because bugged WoL logs.

Maybe have it default to WCL only or something?

Also, BM ranks with filter appear to be screwed somewhat again, the order is right, but the number of the rank reported is for without filter.

I’ll fix it when i get home

BM hunters are still missing from filtered WCL/WoL 10-man ranks.

Thanks Jase! I like this change :slight_smile: