Competitive Boss Filter

A competitive boss filter has been added to ranks to more accurately track fights where padding can’t be done as easily.

Having the Boss Filter ON the following bosses are excluded from the rankings.
Immerseus, Galakras, and General Nazgrim.

I’d recommend adding Norushen to that list as most guilds would only have 2-3 at a time going down first leaving the rest to rot and in some cases (such as mine) you are never allowed to go down first.

But that’s a 100% valid tactic to kill the boss, like dual-tanking shamans is - the problem with the other 3 bosses is that cheesing for ranks on those is a walk in the park and only really makes the fight harder to execute.

Norushen ranking is literally next to impossible to get any respectable parse without being the first down and self logging and since that isn’t realistic to expect from everyone I’d say it is the same as Nazgrim adds not being up = no parse, too much aoe in raid on immerseus = no parse, Galakras is for bugged reasons from knocking him down in a single tower I assume. Shamans it is realistic to get a rank on most classes even if you never aoe adds, (ele shaman and destro lock need the adds to an extent but most don’t) without having to tank them together for a little extra cleave. I mean 2nd and 3rd down could parse in the low bracket if they self log but Norushen is heavily reliant on self logging and being the first down, a fight like Shamans is a lot less picky.

Immerseus is because you can let a single person AOE all the small adds that spawn while everyone else goes off to deal with mechanics.

But by the logic that because people aren’t willing to rotate, then these bosses should also be limited:
Sha of pride (get to solo AOE the adds, get to whore gifts by standing in shit and getting pride).
Malkorok (solo-cleave the adds when they spawn adds about 100K dps for a lot of classes with effective AOE).
Spoils (Need to self log, need to be allowed to go to mantid or mogu side both times dependant on how your class deals with AOE/cleave - this one’s quite similiar to Norushen).
Thok (get to solo AOE the bats).
Siegecrafter (What if you’re not allowed to skip the belt for ranks? I feel for you azor </3).
Paragons (what if the tanks won’t rotate the scorpion that boosts your dps by like 200K or more dependant on class?).
Garrosh (Solo AOE’ing adds).

Basicly, every single fight this tier has some kind of “cheese” you can do in order to ensure a rank if the guild wants to back you up. Some of them might not be very fun for the raid (or even very viable for most) to attempt, such as letting a few people deal with thok bats/garrosh adds, but others like letting one person have the scorpion each week doesn’t really cost any guilds anything ATM, but it’s so rare to do it because tanks benefit three times as much as DPS that most people just shrug and say “fuck it, I’ll AOE pad for rank 10 instead of AOE+scorp for rank 1”.

Other fights like Malkorok and Sha of pride the benefit is a lot smaller than say, Immerseus/nazgrim/galakras, so we chalk it down to being within the margins of what we can achieve either way with a little luck.

In the end, I believe Immerseus, Galakras and Nazgrim was chosen specificly because those 3 fights broke the ranks “the hardest” through whoring -
Immerseus literally has +50 adds that a single person can AOE down every up phase, all it requires is a tank to hold them (they barely tickle). This breaks any chance anyone has of getting close, ever.
Galakras keeps shamans/grunts alive on a tank and AOE them with totems left alive to keep healing them up, for 24/7 AOE on a bigger and bigger pack of mobs.
Nazgrim takes the shaman-trash in to the fight, tank them+the faithfulls together, giving the faithfulls infinite HP and letting a dps or two achieve +1M aoe dps easily by just casually aoe’ing into the 25 (?) mobs that barely hurts the tank.

All of them has a tank that holds a ton of adds for a single or few persons to AOE, and breaks the encounter by keeping adds alive for the entire purpose of padding (If you remember madness of deathwing you’d do it with the bloods there aswell, but those atleast proc’d spellweave to help singletarget dps and was a dps increase to AOE… This is pure pad).

Yes I see what you are saying but those are fights that you can realistically rank on without having the guild cater to you. On Spoils you don’t have to select 2 people to have the potential to pad everyone at least has somewhat fair fighting grounds. Even Galakras, I never even knew just allowing a couple people to aoe while the rest just pick their butts was a thing, but if it is in the boss filter where even with a regular strat you can easily rank then I think Norushen where pretty much every raid team is forced to pick 2 people to have half a chance at parsing should be on there.

Every fight has a way to guarantee good ranks for a player, I feel like Immerseus, Nazgrim, and Norushen are the only ones that are practically impossible to rank on without being catered to it somewhat.

Having 2 people go down on Norushen is playing it way too safe, even 4 is easy. My guild is going with 7 people at the moment. It is the same problem as splitting dark shamans - some guilds will choose to play it safe instead of quick.

By 2 I meant dps wise, they also send 2 heals and 1 tank but those are negligible to me. Even if you send 15 down at the beginning you’re still leaving the others out to dry, not the same as shamans at all. Shamans everyone has the same chance because you aren’t forced to choose a handful that won’t get fucked.

I also mean DPS wise of course.

If you send 5+ at the start you will very soon get your turn? Unless you always send the same people.

The GM literally just chooses at random, we send 2 dps at the beginning the other 3 aren’t dps. I’ve been waiting 3 months for ‘my turn’ since joining yet to see it. This is why Norushen should be on boss filter if even Galakras is since Galakras padding is such a non-issue compared to Norushen, Immerseus, and Nazgrim ranks being cheesed.

Hope you get picked and get your rank, it’d be beyond silly to filter Norushen because some people are not fortunate enough to get to go down first, because the thing is that even if you do, you won’t just get a magical #1 rank even if you’re bad. Different with Nazgrim/Galakras/Immerseus because any idiot can spam the 2-3 abilities their class requires for AoE and get a top 10 rank at least.

Try to talk to your officers about maybe sending some more DPS at the start, and since it should be your turn by now tell them that… I don´t think Norushen should be excluded from rankings because of a few unlucky. You are the only one who has mentioned it as a big problem (?).

Galakras padding is for many people more significant than Immerseus or Nazgrim, it depends on how high DPS your raid has. I would have a hard time getting a top 80 rank on Galakras without padding, but could easily get a top 30 on Nazgrim. On Galakras higher raid DPS = less active time

The thing a lot of people do on Galakras is have only X group of people do their AoE’ing thing, overlapping waves, keeping totems up a little bit, stuff like that to keep uptime up on as many targets as possible, while the rest of the raid (possibly a much bigger majority than usual) deals with the mechanics, does towers, etc.

Paragons is really the only boss where all damage isn’t effective damage. It bewilders me that it is not on the boss filter list. You have windwalker monks using clones with rushing jade wind to rank on this fight which is the worst kind of scumbag padding and yet their rank counts? Absolutely bizarre.

Yeah Paragons is kind of a bitch. You can either totally fuck the raid over by AoE’ing/Cleaving on anything possible or you can just get to go Scorpion and do big dick damage all the way through. The latter especially has nothing to do with player skill at all.

Would like this filtered as well.

This is coming from someone who does have a rank on it, so I’m not salty-bias or anything. Tbfh it’s just cancer having to be the “whore” in my guild to stay competitive on that boss, it’s challenging enough already.