Do you have enough Warlocks? Probably not.

Tier 16’s king of all DPS are undoubtedly the Warlocks. If you and your guild find your raid hurting on DPS you should be looking to filling your raid with more Warlocks. Here is a chart with the top DPS across every spec, Warlocks have a huge presence at 60%, while the next highest is Windwalker Monks at 9%.

Comparing last tier for ranged DPS Fire Mages were the kings, and not far behind were Warlocks. This tier there has been a major shift. It wouldn’t be fair to say mages are out, as they are still the 2nd top ranged DPS. However they are still behind both Affliction and Destruction Warlocks. Bottoming this tier out in a similar fashion again are Marksmanship Hunters.

And if you thought Warlocks had a dominating presence for all DPS, it’s even worse for their specific ranged DPS counterparts.

You may want to Recruit more Warlocks.