DPS/HPS Ranks Revamped

With the recent revamp to the PR Ranks and how points are handled I’ve been getting a lot of requests to take a look at the DPS/HPS Ranks as well. I’ve been asked to come up with a more ‘fair’ system.

DPS/HPS Ranks have been discussed and debated on the best way to handle it pretty much since its inception. Some people think it’s fine how it is, simply requiring X amount of kills to be in the ranking system and going off of the average you have across the bosses you’ve killed. There are many others who dislike the idea that someone who is a kill or two behind them can have a higher DPS average rank. While in theory it’s true that they might have a higher DPS average… It’s not fair to those who have a true average across all the bosses.

This is a very competitive ranking system, and it did need to be updated to suit competition better. The new system will now have a penalty in place for people missing recorded kills, the more kills you miss the more severe the penalty is. Doing it this way should be middle ground between both sides.

Now if someone is averaging 500k but avoiding/missing 2 bosses, they will be dropped slightly lower than someone who is averaging 450k on all bosses. However if someone is averaging 550k but missing 2 bosses they will still be considered higher than someone who is averaging 450k on all bosses. Much like the PR Ranks changes this is now more complicated but a much better and more ‘fair’ way of handling the ranks.

I will still be keeping an accurate personal average DPS/HPS on a person’s Player Info page for those who like to use that in evaluating people. Just keep in mind if you are missing kills your DPS will be lower on the rankings compared to your Player Info page.