Forums and more stuff coming

Finally setup some forums and I will be adding more stuff soon as well as finishing implementing ranks with profiles.

More cool things to come that ppl have wanted.

Ranks on forums and profiles should be working now. They will update when ranks do, if you make a new account you won’t have a rank until the next morning.

Is it possible do something with DPS/HPS ranks? More fair could be system where players who have ranks on all heroic bosses are still ahead of people with 6 ranks on bosses. Other words someone who avoid to play his primary spec on boss where he do lower average dps (and that dps will decrease his average DPS overall on ladder) will be still behind of people who have ranks on all bosses.

I’m open to ideas, I’ve talked about it with several people. Right now it’s set that they must have 7 dps ranks or more. But ya they could scumbag it and I know some do.

Just need to figure out a way so we don’t get any false positives. Would suck if clearly the best DPS of a class only has 13 kills but his average is 500k, and someone who has 14 kills but his average is 400k. I wouldn’t want him ahead of the other guy.

Good to see you took one of the ideas I gave you and made it real :smiley: (Unless you were thinking about it before we talked :P)

If DPS/HPS is about who is best dps of a class/spec then you must change “need of ranks” to 11 (atm you can rank 11 hc bosses). Because as I wrote before - a lot of people are avoiding some bosses where they cant do so much DPS (good example are affliction warlocks on Imersus). So lets say I did some rank on Imersus and now I am penalized for it because my average DPS on all bosses is going rapidly down.

I can bump it up at this stage I guess. Until we can come up with a really good solution (if one exists)

When they update tonight it will have the more strict requirement.