Guild PR/Rank View

hey there, first post. sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else already.

it would be great if you can search for a guild and get a sorted list of the PR ranks and DPS/HPS ranks of everyone in the guild. right now it’s very tedious to do individual player info searches for the raiders in my guild. i am writing a ghetto script to do it for me in the meantime but this should just be a standard feature and i’m sure guild officers will find it useful.

I can set that up, the problem is how a lot of ppl do logs. I could set it up so you could search by server and by where a guild does their logs. But if someone uses multiple logs, like Guild Whatever’s Logs and Someguy’s Logs. It can get confusing for them. But I could have it set so if you log to a actual guild place like Guild Whatever’s Logs you could search in that.

I don’t want to have to do a armory lookup for every person because that would be 50k-100k+ searches which is the only way I could get their true Guild names.

the guild name search field is limited to too few characters!

looks like it works just fine if you type the full guild name into the search URL though. thanks for putting this together!

would be nice to see more than just the top 25 in the guild though, especially since the same player can be listed 3 times (once per spec), which sorta pushes a bunch of people off the list

edit: btw, is it possible to also add a sorting by epeen percentile?

This is an example of my guild in a search. Would it be possible to add Epeen Percentiles to this search feature as well?

  • I guess that would be echoing what Vexyl asked about in his edit.

My guild is missing most members.

I’m not on there, one of our spriests isn’t on there, etc. Basically a bunch missing.