How to properly link a profile to a character?

Hello everyone,

Having some issues linking my newly created ProRaider profile to my character. Everything is written correctly, and all the links seem to work (Armory, WoW-heroes etc.). However, the one to PR only works half the time, and my profile remains “unranked”. I am in the appropriate specc, and everything is spelled correctly.

Any thoughts?

Falkèn, EU-Sylvanas

Had the same prob, Jase manually fixed it, no issues since then.


Thank you very much Jase! ;D Thumbs up

Sa me problème for me … star unranked :frowning:


me next :slight_smile:

I have never been updated on this site neither SoO nor HM content… could you please update my profile?Илишир

For expamle I have some good logs in HM as well as it was in past content but still don’t get ranked here…Илишир/

I will look in to it. I think the cyrillic might be throwing it off.

Thanks for letting me know.

Well, there’s no ranks for me yet =(

I don’t know how to get my character listed in the Recruit Finder section. I thought I did everything right. if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

Is this still an issue? No rankings/pts for me yet either. :frowning: