Issues With WoL

I’ve brought this issue up with WoL but it seems like the mods have peaced out. Obviously they never bothered to implement Siegecrafter, Paragons, or Garrosh. Even with the new combat start/end events. They also put in a change a few months ago to “fix” Immerseus. Unfortunately that fix has caused a lot of kill logs (all of mine) to count as a wipe and as a result many parses that would have ranked are not being detected.

Because of this I would really like to see Immerseus removed or given less weight in calculations. It’s not accurate. It’s not fair. Simple as that. You can find threads regarding this issue over in WoL forums. For example my own ranks are missing over 200 points because of WoL failed detections.

I’m not sure where exactly you pipe your data in from but I’d also highly recommend getting sites like this one and epeenbot ready to be compatible with ranks. It is without a doubt the future of logging. It’s not highly used now but it’s catching on like wild fire. AND it has detection and ranks for the final bosses.


Hey Sacer :slight_smile:

only if my buddy skilldotcom aka best ret paladin in the world confirms what you say

WoL had like 1 dude working on it this patch, and the prior one, so don’t ever expect it to be updated. It also has been a dying ship for a while now. I really only think it was kept up in hopes of someone looking to join. Clearly that aint going to happen.

Warcraft Logs does have a pretty nice interface, that being said, a LOT of guilds already utilize it. I’d talk to the dev there and see if you can sync some stuff up, I think the time for WoL is a goner. I’ve only visited warcraft logs once, however. :slight_smile:
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It’s too bad really. WoL has so much historical data. But they haven’t even taken advantage of the new combat events for detection. Warcraftlogs is being created and maintained by someone who actually plays and cares about WoW. He had his shit ready to go when servers went live Tuesday.

Here are the Immerseus threads.

I’m ranked “141” according to WoL and #1 on warcraftlogs. Absolutely robbing my PR points lol.

the owner is actually someone from temerity, and i think it’s a female.

Of course you can be rank 1 on warcraftlogs when they dont have so many users so reach higher ranks is easier. Thats why is better still keep track WoL

Not sure that’s what he was saying.

With 201,009 hps he’d be 39th on WoL, compared to his current 141 because of wonky Immerseus logs.

Yea thats what I wrote… warcraftlogs have far less users so his HPS is enough for rank 1 meanwhile on WoL its not enough for top 30.

Ya, what you wrote could’ve been interpreted any number of ways. I get what you’re saying now, though.

Right. #1 on warcraft logs does not equal #1 on world of logs. But the #141 isn’t accurate either. So overall my recommendation is to drop Immerseus now, get ready to use warcraftlogs for next expansion/tier. I doubt world of logs will be updated any more in the future anyways. But at this point in time not enough people will have swapped to warcraft logs to make it truly competitive.


Small update - Our warrior informed me Immerseus won’t log if too many friendly blobs hit the middle. This causes the “come up” phase to last too long and WoL stops recording. So I guess this can be remedied by running more healers than necessary or healing the crap out of the friendly blobs. We don’t really do either of those things do chances are our guild won’t see a successful Immerseus parse again.

It would be really cool to see warcraft logs ranks implemented this tier to include Immerseus and the last three bosses in the calculations. Warcraft logs popularity has exploded since my initial post. Its been featured in many blogs and podcasts and most high end guilds use it now. This last week especially he had to upgrade his hardware a few times due to the huge amount of traffic in both US and EU.