Keep the suggestions coming in!

I’m going to be implementing all the great ideas that people are coming up with. I’ve already done a few so far.

[li]We now have a place for the Community to chat[/li][li]DPS/HPS Ranks are being revamped.[/li][li]Spec and Raid options for Banners are now available[/li][li]Player Info can now view 10 and 25 man (for those that raid both)[/li][/ul]

I’m also working on another really big feature that someone suggested, it’s going to take a while to develop but should be an amazing tool for raiders in the future.

Any intent to do mythic PR ranks? WCL has it set up so it should be fairly straightforward. Just something to amuse us for a few weeks if it’s not too much effort on your part :).

I’ll check it out, I gotta roll out a few things I wanted for the new expac too.