Multi-site support for ranks now.

With the increased popularity of Warcraft Logs I’ve integrated them as I’ve done with World of Logs. I will also be adding additional logging sites if they are large enough and there is enough interest to do so whenever new ones arrive.

One very important thing to note is that there are differences between the 2 sites right now. The biggest being that Warcraft Logs does in fact track the last 3 bosses in SoO unlike World of Logs. If you haven’t checked out Warcraft Logs yet you should, they are doing great work!

And to answer some of my private messages and whispers publicly, PR Ranks and DPS/HPS Ranks use both World of Logs and Warcraft Logs. I am merging them together and then determining ranks after.

For an example:
If you have #1 on a boss fight at WoL doing 500K DPS.
Someone at WCL has a #1 doing 505K DPS, you will be #2.

Say there are 2 people at WCL with 505K, and 504K. You will be #3.

You can now also track your DPS/HPS along side your rank on your Player Info page.
(credit Dracodraco for the idea)


So it appears WCL is giving multiple ranks per person per fight. As an example of what I mean, let’s say week 1 I get a rank #5 parse, week 2 I get a rank #1 parse and week number 3 I get a rank #15 parse. I now keep and hold all 3 of these postions on the fight, not just my best (rank #1 parse).

It however gets a bit worse. Let’s say 5 of my guildies are also recording with WCL and as we all know everybody records ever so slight differences in dps amounts, always pretty close but within a few dps of each other. Let’s say I get a rank #1 parse, this means that unless #2 was super super close I now have rank #1,2,3,4,5, & 6 from that one fight.

I can only confirm this is happening for hunters of various specs, but I’m assuming it’s happening to everybody else as well.

Edit: the more I think about this, it’s a WCL issue not proraiders, because proraiders only takes each persons top dps number to calculate the ranks correct?

I don’t think this is true.

I have logged multiple weeks as Holy on Garrosh for example, and I only have one parse:

Can you link some examples? I haven’t seen this happening.

Very good work.

WCL is a lot of better then WOL :slight_smile:

Provided links on WCL forums under bug support section. This isn’t a proraiders issue at all as far as I can tell.


I’m missing some logs on my main because someone from our guild is uploading logs on another realm. Every time his log has higher dps than mine the value is stored at ( lvl 20 tauren with ilvl 11 and 21360 achievement points :smiley: ). Is there any way to circumvent this other than him not logging anymore? Is it possible to merge those profiles?

Thanks in advance

There really isn’t unfortunately, just tell him to quit scumbagging your ranks

Hmm it does not show my logs from warcraftlogs