Observed bug with the new combined WCL/WOL

Allright, here goes.
I went to check my ranks today after the merge of both WCL+WoL, and to my surprise, I only went up 4 ranks instead of the approx 12 it should have been (calculating the points vs my ranks before the update).
I “dug a little deeper”, and found that the WoL+WCL seems to not work entirely how it’s supposed to. Elaboration:

Take my page ( http://www.proraiders.com/player/index.php?region=eu&server=Laughing%20Skull&player=Dracodraco ) - it says I have rank 78 on Norushen.
Now, http://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/23702/latest/ shows I have rank 49 with ~412K dps. “Fair enough”, I figured - maybe 29 players on WOL have higher dps, bumping my rank 49 to 78.
But then I realised that I have higher DPS on WOL - namely, http://www.worldoflogs.com/rankings/players/US-EU/Siege_of_Orgrimmar/Norushen/25H/Beast%20Mastery_Hunter/ rank 14 with 460K DPS.
So, realistically, this means that the log from WoL should be giving me a much higher rank. 78 Is basicly completly obscure - and I’m not exactly sure why.

While I know there’s lots of bugs to be fixed and it might already be on the agenda, I figured reporting it and specifying the issue might be of use to you.
Lovin’ the tool, keep up the work :D.

As a completly unrelated note - is it possible to get either:
The #dps/hps done in the rank, or a link to the log with the rank, when you expect someones page? That way it’s “easy” to look someone up and see how they did on their best kill, rather than going through 2 months worth of logs (or using epeenbot to locate the highest number) first. Also, in cases like above, it’d be easy to see which log is working (I’m assuming my WCL one), and which isn’t (the WOL one).

I didn’t have a check in place when someone used both WoL and WCL to make sure the higher parse was always being used. The check is in place now and should give you the correct DPS parses.

Also I’ve gone ahead and added the DPS on your player info page now for each fight.