PR Points Revamped

PR Points have been entirely revamped to give a higher value of points for higher ranks. The competition is much harder the higher you rank so I want to award more points among harder competition.

The previous system it didn’t matter if you jumped up 5 ranks it always resulted in a 5 point gain.

[li]#15(185 Points) - #10(190 Points) 5 points gained[/li][li]#135(65 Points) - #130(70 Points) 5 points gained[/li][/ul]

The new system rewards more points among higher ranks and diminishes the lower you go.

[li]#15(420 Points) - #10(441 Points) 21 points gained[/li][li]#135(72 Points) - #130(81 Points) 9 points gained[/li][/ul]

This is a more complex approach and not as easy to follow because of the diminishing returns in place but I feel it’s fair awarding more points for higher ranks than lower ranks.