Ranked incorrectly on player info

Has me as 8th with 485482 dps on Malkorok 25m Heroic
Looking and comparing to Warcraft Logs that should put me at 8th on Warcraft Logs as well

But my Player Info says #101

Again on Dark Shaman Player Info says #194
But on WoL: Rank 19 http://www.worldoflogs.com/rankings/players/US-EU/Siege_of_Orgrimmar/Kor’kron_Dark_Shaman/25H/Enhancement_Shaman/
and WarcraftLogs: Rank 11 http://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/5#boss=1606&metric=dps&class=Shaman&spec=Enhancement

maybe im jumping the gun on the bugs? Maybe fixed after tomorrow’s update ?

Same thing here. http://www.worldoflogs.com/rankings/players/US-EU/Siege_of_Orgrimmar/Iron_Juggernaut/25H/Fire_Mage/
Ranked #16 here but player info has me at 159 and -143 ranks from what I was.

edit: refreshed my info again and my iron juggernaut is gone completely

There is somethign wrong with my norushen ranking. Currently on proraiders im ranked #175 but if you look @ the following reports i should be ranked #2.


My dps/hps is screwed up aswell. Says I got 18100 hps since you merged the rankins, before I had 350k~.


Was there an update today? Didn’t get parses from yesterday.
Also hps/dps wonky as Sonie said.

Thanks bro.

After the update today the rankins are still not working as they should. Atm the rankings show me number 42 on norushen while it should still be rank 2.

There are a couple more bosses where this problem is happening. For example: Sha of pride / Malkorok

You had the problem a lot of people did, I didn’t put a check in place if you had both WoL and WCL parses to use the better parse. It was only using the parse read most recently which was lower then your higher parse.

The check is in place now, hopefully all the issues are solved!

Looks good now, thanks for the good work!

Not fully title related but did not want to start a new post.
Is it possible to “move” the ranks if you server transfered?
Like for example, I was on Area-52 with this same name and moved to Stormreaver, is there a way to just grab the ranks from both servers?

I can’t really do that, because it would cause issues for people who have the same name on 2 seperate servers.

This issue already happens sometimes on WoL\Raidbots for example when say someone named Bob who is a disc priest leaves the server, and some mage uses the name Bob on that old server if you look at their epeen page. They will have Disc Priest spec, Fire Mage spec, ect… and it all gets really messed up.

So you have to manually add players to use the overall highest parse? Seems like the worst setting ever instead of having it auto (if possible).

Think I have the same problem.

I think he meant “did”, as in it automatically checks if you got a higher parse somewhere else.

Don’t think it’s working as intended atm. Or the log actually has to be uploaded in a guild to work. Because I logged myself with 40k more dps on Norushen than on WoL and it still chose WoL. Also a few bosses that did get like 1k more dps on warcraftlogs than WoL.

Ya maybe since it’s not in a guild it’s messing with the ranks, I’ll check it out and see if I can just set it to be ok if it’s not in any guild or i will list it as No Guild or something

That’s because of one of WCL’s actual features, isn’t it - I quote:

I’ve decided that - going forward - guilds are going to be validated against the Armory in order to rank. Creating fake guilds is fine, but rankings are only going to be allowed from guilds that actually exist on the server. I’ll provide more details about what validation will entail once it has been implemented.

Your reports will not be deleted, and neither will the fake guilds. They will simply become ineligible for rankings, and any existing rankings for those guilds are going to be removed. The situation will be similar to unguilded personal logs (which also can’t rank).

So if you have a guild log, and a non guild log, it’ll be favoring the guild log despite of the non-guild log in order to get rid of duplicate rankings. The fix, of course, is to just upload to your actual guild instead of your own random page.