Suggestion: Remove Immerseus, Galakras, General Nazgrim from rankings

To get a decent rank on these fights your guild has to use whore tactics, only allowing a certain number of people to DPS.
It does not show skill and instead just fucks up the PR and DPS rankings - it would be better gone in my opinion.

Dark Shaman too, then, a lot of guilds don’t stack em together, another half does.

I’m so much for this y’all don’t believe.

It is less of a problem since the best way to kill shamans is to stack them - no real reason to do it slow. Your guild will probably stack them as you get closer to BiS geared. I agree it is unfortunate though.

On the fights I mention you will assign “whorers” every week or you won´t get good ranks. It is “abusing” the fights to play the rankings. Shouldn´t count for a site that is tracking pro raiders :slight_smile:

My guild is world #45, they refuse. :frowning:

Completely agree with the 3 bosses you listed. There is no skill in getting rankings on those bosses. Your guild just has to let you aoe by yourself or with a few other people to get top 10 ranks. I don’t agree with shamans though as I don’t consider stacking the bosses a whoring strategy as it does make the bosses die a lot faster.

and this is why I hate this tier. Everything is dependent on strategy, getting tricks and assigned aoe. Could make the same arguments removing sha, spoils and thok aswell. We just wouldn’t be left with much to judge people on. I’d say to remove spoils aswell since its just based on how fast your tanks open boxes and being on the side that finishes last. Too many out of control factors that affect dps on that fight.

u can abuse darkshamans in the same way by pulling trash with the boss. 48% of dmg onto trash there’s many logs like this. I’m actually surprised WOL and WCL doesn’t flag the log invalid on this and nazgrim.

I don´t agree with spoils opening boxes quicker, or dark shamans stacking to be a problem. It is the efficient way to kill the bosses, not a problem for the rankings - something that every guild could easily deal with themselves.
Pulling trash with bosses is of course bullshit, like nazgrim, or dark shamans which I was not aware of. Dark shamans whoring doesn´t appear common though. If it becomes common dark shamans could be removed.

My idea is:

Normal: Removes Immerseus, Galakras, Nazgrim,

All bosses: Keep all bosses

Strict: Removes Immerseus, Galakras, Nazgrim, Sha, Thok, Paragons(?)

with normal being the “standard rankings”

If you look hard enough you could find an argument for removing every boss in the game - if nothing else just kill times will have a big effect on your DPS and is “out of your control”. Just the extreme cases should be removed. :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty good idea, instead of just flat removing bosses for aff locks being able to extend ur opening dots will make or break ur dps. there is a 170k difference between rank 1 and rank 25. That’s just as bad as galakras.
I don’t see anything wrong with paragons every1 has an equal opportunity to pad. there’s no aoe cheesing or anything.

Ok I added a boss filter to the rankings

Looks great! thank you

I think the DPS numbers on DPS ranks are bugged with boss filter on, looks like it still divides by 14 instead of 11

Ya it is. I’ll fix it when I’m home


A lot of guilds would like a customizable filter, is that possible? Instead of the on/off for certain ones?

It’s possible if i recode some stuff. I probably will but not tonight