Time to disown WoL?

As we all know, WOL hasn’t been updated this tier at all, and there’s absolutely no control going on with any of the parses uploaded. Looking at the top ranks, lots of them are due to 40 second snapshots of fights under bloodlust, and no one can compete with people being jerks and uploading stuff like that, which in turn kind of invalidates the “validity” of the ranking page. For example, I’m being beat to rank 1 juggernaut by almost 50K, because of a log that lasts 45 seconds and is clearly not valid:

That one bugged log alone is taking up rank 1 Juggernaut for Mistweaver, holy paladins and disc priests. And it’s obviously far from the only one (another example - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/pk0iqpmaapilexdo/sum/healingDone/?s=2636&e=2721#Farlap here’s the rank 1 resto druid tracked with 390K hps from a bugged log. This is more than 100K more than the best resto druid otherwise tracked).

I could keep digging through logs and finding examples, but it seems redundant. We all know WoL is a useless tool compared to WCL, which is actually being updated (and the developer communicates with the user base). Heck, the developer even recently put in something that nulls hunter stampede exploit parses (something that WoL tried, but failed, except with very, very few specific buffs such as the plague hound).

So - isn’t it about time we let WoL die, and stop parsing ranks from it? WoL does absolutely nothing that WCL can not do at this point, and if people haven’t made the transistion yet, they probably won’t care about the ranks either.

I agree :slight_smile:

+1, I completely agree. The WOL author has shown in the past year that they are not interested in effectively updating their website. The last three bosses on heroic are STILL not being correctly recorded. As Draco said, WarcraftLogs, on the other hand, is still rolling out new features and recently did a crawl of all of their logs solely to remove logs that abused an obscure hunter exploit. While it’s true that plenty of people still use WoL, I don’t think I would too off the mark to say that most people who care about ProRaiders probably use WarcraftLogs (after all, it’s the only way to get ranking information on the last three bosses).

Yes please pretty please.

aye WoL is total bullcrap, havent even payed attention since warcraft logs has come around, only problem is epeec bots still only goes from WoL right?

Yeah but WarcraftLogs still has their own percentile counter thing that ProRaiders can use.

The end of WoL is inevitable. It will never get updated again so why continue using it? At the very least I’d love to see an option to filter out WoL ranks. A WCL only PR Rank button or something.

At this point in time any guild that hasn’t made the transition likely doesn’t care at all about proraiders ranks. World of logs is a parasite to this website in my opinion.

Yep, totally agree with that, WoL is dead I pressume.

Yup please, into the trash.
Cheating me out of my #1 that mothefucker

Tell me about it.

+1, will also remove cheating chinese mages :stuck_out_tongue:

semi disregard post, they fixed the broken wol, that guy in there is someone else.
Still, it takes them a long time to remove broken or cheating logs.