Welcome to Pro Raiders

Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you to Pro Raiders. On this site you will find numerous tools and things to help with gauging a player and finding a worthwhile recruit for your guild. To start it off
I will give you a quick explanation of what these tools do.

     [Recruit Finder](http://www.proraiders.com/rf/us/index.php) - automatically browses WoW recruitment forums and based on several filters and other things I have in place it will pick out the top players 
    and do a individual check on each and every one. There are several different sorting methods so you can limit the field even more. Right now it goes through roughly 2000 potential raiders in each region every few 
    hours, out of that it filters them down immensely and from that point if you want you can filter it even more using my built in features.

     [Player Info](http://www.proraiders.com/player/index.php) - does what RF does in terms of what it displays. However, instead of finding the raiders to evaluate for you based on recruitment posts. You may enter in someone manually to evaluate and see how they 
    look as a potential recruit. Or you may be curious how you or someone in your current guild statistically looks.

    [PR Ranks](http://www.proraiders.com/ranks/index.php) - Pro Raider Ranks are setup on a point system, where depending on rank X you get X points. This isn't saying that if you are #1 you are the best player of your
    class in the world. But you are ranking the best... atm it is only setup for heroic 25 man guilds. I'm still waiting to talk with [www.worldoflogs.com](http://www.worldoflogs.com) before I want to include 10 man. I am using ranks based on their site 
    to determine my point system.

    [b]Streams[/b] - This will showcase streams from some of the best PvE Raiders in the world. It's often very difficult to find non PvP streams and if you are wanting to watch and learn from someone raiding these will be the streams to watch. 

    If you would like to have your stream considered, first make sure you regularly stream your raids, second you need to be a great player in a great guild. For now you can [contact me](http://www.proraiders.com/contact/).